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NUS Math Module Review: MA1102R Calculus

Comments on Lectures:

DR. Wang Fei’s pre-recorded lecture videos are isomorphic to the “explain physics formulas” videos on YouTube which have not animations whatsoever.

Have to say, when lecturing, he speaks with a rather emotionless tone and sometimes confusing pronunciations as he narrate the content on the notes. To me, just reading the lecture notes seemed to help me understand the theorems and proofs just fine.

It’s worth knowing that, there are free MIT OpenCourseWare lectures on YouTube on the same topics, which are real recorded lectures. They teach the content pretty well, too.

Comments on Tutorials:

It is not worth getting the textbook. This module covers but a small fraction of the single variable calculus in the book. However, pdf copies can still be found online on google. Tutorials of this module are good practices, with detailed answers provided. However, the Extra Problem Sets meant for revision are not worth doing. They are too easy (much easier than tutorial, but released after tutorial), and none of that sort of difficulty of problems can be found in exams. To practise, past year papers are the number one choice. It’s good to get used to the difficulty of the final papers as well as be more used to the similar question types.

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