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NUS Math Module Review: MA1301 Introductory Mathematics

This module is primarily taken by Polytechnic Students currently enrolled in Engineering or Computing courses in NUS. Grading was primarily done through the Midterm Test and Final Examination. No marks for tutorial attendance or participation. Almost everyone got full marks during the 2 quizzes. All lectures are web-casted. Dr Ng takes special interest in helping students and his lectures are at a followable pace and he thoroughly explains everything and goes through all problems step by step to help students. He often tells jokes during his lectures and his style of teaching isn’t too dry and can keep students engaged. He always gives notes and feedback to students about the cohort’s general performance during the quiz or exam and points out the problems most students experienced or committed and how to fix them. He only streamlines the content and provides revision packages that are relevant to their future modules of study.

His midterm tests were reasonably difficult with most questions typical and a few more challenging questions. Aren’t a problem if you diligently did his revision package and tutorials. Final Examination was more tricky. His revision packages equipped you with the skills to solve all the typical problems for most topics. The tricky part came with the wording of the examination questions that most students are not used to and may not be sure what he actually wants. The question provides all the required information and what he wants clearly, but students may not be used to the unusual wording. Overall it was above average difficulty and students may struggle if they have not familiarised themselves with solving question in the revision package.

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