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NUS Math Module Review: MA1505 Mathematics I

This module is a compulsory module for most engineering students (e.g. Mechanical, ISE and Civil Engineering). This module consists of A-level review (sequences, differentiation, integrals, vectors) and 5 new chapters (partial derivatives, multiple integrals, Vector-Valued Functions, Vector Fields and Infinite Series). The concept for the partial derivatives, multiple integrals and vector-valued functions are moderate, while vector fields and infinite series have a bit of abstract concept in the lecture notes. You can re-watch the videos until you understand the topic. (Tips: I watch a YouTube channel named 3Blue1Brown about vector field and vector-valued functions and his videos made me understand the topic of the lesson).

This is a flipped-classroom module; you learn by watching videos made by the lecturer. This module is quite chill because if you understand all the lecture notes and webcast videos, you can do the tutorials by yourself. Every week, there is a quiz consist of 2 questions. These questions are very easy and you can check the answer with your friends. The midterm is very easy as well, but you must be careful not to do careless mistakes. Most of the students get above 18/20 (I got 18/20). The quiz’s duration is 1 hour and it will be held on week 11. The final is challenging but it is still do-able. The final consists of 7-8 questions and each question have between 1-2 sub-question(s). 90% of the final’s questions are very similar to tutorials, while 10% need a bit of ‘creativity’ to solve. For some people, the duration of the final (2 hours) is too short. So you must practice a lot, especially with your timing for each question. I did around 12 past papers and fortunately, during the final, I can do all the questions in 1 hour and 20 minutes. The remaining 40 minutes I used to check whether I did miscalculation or some careless mistakes.

My tips for this module is to practice a lot of past papers and understand the concept of each topic, especially the last three topics. For the infinite series, you need to practice to write faster because there are some formulas that are long and need precision to use them. Come for all the tutorials (easy 20 overall points) and always check your answers with your friends.

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