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NUS Math Module Review: MA1512 Differential Equations for Engineering

Resources (Recommended Text):

Differential Equations For Engineers by Cambridge University Press. Only parts of chapters 2,3,4,5,6,11 of this book is used for MA1512. I personally used this book for practice questions only as the practice problems are classified nicely behind every chapter based on the techniques used.

Personal opinion:

Workload is low for me because I self-studied the contents prior to taking the mod, and did not watched any lecture videos/attended any lecture or tutorials. That being said, there are only around less than 5 videos for every week, each around 10 minutes or less. The notes pretty self-explanatory and suitable for self-study for more mathematically-inclined person. Lecturer and tutor Christian Go is also very knowledgeable and able to deliver the contents clearly (I have many friends who are not in his tutorial but went for his online tutorial slot, although I didn’t attend his lessons personally). Other workloads such as homeworks and quiz are also low because everyone has 1 week to submit homeworks (typically 2 questions) and quiz (5 questions) OTOT.

Study tip:

This mod has lesser content to understand as compared to other level 1 engineering math mods (namely MA1511 and MA1508E). For every type of differential equation, apply the following 2 simple steps:

1. Learn to quickly identify the type of differential equation (even if it is disguised)

2. Understand / Memorize the steps to solve it (from lecture notes)

If you want to Ace this module, personally I recommend doing A LOT of practice problems instead of revising concepts again and again there aren’t much concepts.

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