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NUS Math Module Review: MA2101 Linear Algebra II

Only hard content in this module is all the diagonalization and eigen stuffs. Proof of the sum of generalized eigenspace is the whole vector space is the most cancerous proof I have seen thus far. But it makes you appreciate the use of induction to formulate complicated proofs.

Rest of the content are quite manageable. Basically it is just rehashing most of what we learn as linear transformations. Newer stuff that you may not encounter in MA1101R include formal definitions of determinants, more kinds of linear transformations e.g. linear operators and linear functionals, Jordan Canonical Forms, introduction to self adjoint, normal and unitary operators. Some applications stuff included are on Lagrange interpolation formula and application in differential equation. The differential equation one I didn’t even read it as i am pretty sure it won’t be tested as tutorials did not cover.

Midterm is okay, hard questions are taken from the reference Linear Algebra book by Hoffman and Kunze.

Finals was easy, most of it is just computations and if you do tutorial can do most questions.

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