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NUS Math Module Review: MA2101S Linear Algebra II (S)

My third S module taken, after MA2108S and MA3110S. This module is the hardest among the three in my opinion.

The tutorial had some questions are super difficult, where some of the harder questions kept getting pushed to the next tutorial, to the point where we joked about how some tutorials were perpetual. There are quite a few questions where I don’t even think I understand the question itself.

Like most S modules, the prof will ask students to present their solution on the whiteboard. For those super hard questions, sometimes, someone will write down their solution, and then everyone will just not understand what on earth he is writing, and the question just got pushed to the next tutorial where the prof will explain it himself. Many times, I just gave up trying to understand the solution.

Because of the pandemic, the module was moved to zoom, which I found made it harder to concentrate. There were no more solution presentations, and everything was just explained by the prof.

Because the final became online, the weightage of the final was reduce, and to make up for the reduce weightage, a mini project was added, where we would write a >3 page report on some application of linear algebra.

Final grade: A- (S/U option exercised, using covid SUs)

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