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NUS Math Module Review: MA2104 MA1104 Multivariable Calculus

Graded Components:

– Assignments: 3 x 5%

– First midterm: 35%

– Second midterm: 50%

Workload : 2x2hr Lectures, 1x1hr Tutorial

This module serves as the introduction to calculus of several variables, as opposed to single variable calculus class in MA1102R, and its applications. This is a core module for AM, MA, DSA and some other Science majors. Some second major MA students also take this module to satisfy their 2k requirements.

Lectures are webcasted and consists on the lecturer goes on the lecture notes and solves the example problems. Prof. Tengren is very clear in explaining stuff and visualize complex 3D graphs, which is essential for this module. However, delivery is rather slow, and I decide to just self learn and read the notes myself, with watching the webcast if needed.

The tutorial consists of 7-10 problems that will be explained in the tutorial. It is webcasted, but no solution .pdf provided. I only joined the first few tutorials, but skipped later parts.

The assignments has ~7 problems with ample time. The questions is moderately difficult, but the prof reuses some assignment problems from the past paper. Try to compare answers and double check. The midterms and finals consists of 5 problems with subproblems and allowing a (standarised) help sheet. The exams are tedious in computation, so train from previous PYPs will help.

Overall, I do not really like the module because of the computational nature, but this module is important to unlock more modules, such as MA3111.

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