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NUS Math Module Review: MA2108 Mathematical Analysis I

I personally enjoyed this module a lot, the module set the foundation for many important used in more advanced math modules like compact sets and lipschitz conditions. The module first builds from the basic idea of real numbers building up to continuity and key theorems of continuous functions. The module then gives a glimpse into point-set topology introducing some interesting ideas like compact sets and how to use the idea of compactness to prove theorems like the intermediate value theorem.

Prof Zhang Lei is a great prof who is willing to answer questions even on weekends. For finals he was willing to arrange personal consultations with students and even until 2 days before the exam had consultations. These consultations proved extremely useful to preparing for the final exam as it allowed me to understand how he tackles the questions i.e how to think about real analysis and get comfortable with the ideas. His tutorials are also clear and informative, not only reviewing what concepts were covered in lecture but serving as a way to deepen our understanding by guiding with alternative proofs of theorems covered or even new theorems.

My final grade : A+

Expected grade : A

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