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NUS Math Module Review: MA2108S Mathematical Analysis I (S)

This mod is the harder version of MA2108, with more proof-oriented take and challenging problems. The module follows the analysis book by Goldberg, with Chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10 are placed. Some extra theorems are discussed, but not tested.

The lecture is basically retelling the book, with sometimes Prof Denny adding alternative proof aside from the proof given by the book (usually less technical but more “mindblowing”). Note that there are no lecture notes and webcasts pre-covid, so coming to lecture is a must. I recommend to type the things he write on a paper/a .tex file for better reviewing. After covid, he prepares slide notes and e-lectures, but the lectures have more detail then the slides, so watching lectures is a must. Note that the approach in this sem is more “topologish” than previous iteration, hence the feel is very different.

Tutorial sheets consists of many problems from the book and some difficult problems from outside the source. The tutorial consists of people writing their own solution and Prof checking and giving remarks. Note that before covid, there are tutorial participations. After covid, the tutorials become a zoom session. The answers for the tutorial will be provided.

The homework is a 3 problem set due in one week. It is pretty doable, and you can consult to MSE if you are stuck. Cooperation is allowed. Make sure to do them properly and avoid mistakes.

The finals is an interesting one. It is 6 problem exam, with anything allowed except communicating (yes, including google). Note that the finals is much harder than the usual past papers in my opinion. Try to learn from Goldberg’s books to prepare.

Overall a nice introductory SPM module. Obviously a big effort is required but it is worth it. Small class size means more communication and collaboration.

Expected Grade : A-/A

Actual Grade : A-

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