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NUS Math Module Review: MA2202 Algebra I

Prof Loke is a very experienced teacher. He set this module such that the level of difficulty was manageable will making the content nontrivial and interesting. He will go through proofs which are harder slower and some of the recaps he do during lectures are very helpful in consolidating what I learnt. Would definitely recommend taking this mod under him.

Midterms was easy. I think many people got close to the full 40 marks. There is a 5 extra bonus mark which is actually just free marks because the question was really a no brainer.

Finals was harder. More proofing questions than last sem, involved a deeper understanding of certain contents. e.g. knowing how cyclic notations work and finding order of permutation or knowing how to spot applications of Lagrange theorem. Finals questions did not rank by difficulty but ordered by topics. So actually the harder questions are not always the last. In fact, this sem the easiest question was the last question which basically ask us to puke out some the proofs of some facts we done in lecture. Given that questions were ordered by topic, you can guess the trajectory of some of the proofs of the questions.

Given class size is small enough this sem (ard 30 people), I think there is no curve. So if you willing to put in the work, probably can do decent

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