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NUS Math Module Review: MA2202S Algebra I (S)

Workload : 2x2h lecture, 1x2h tutorial

Grading : Attendance, HW x5, Midterm, Finals

This is the S version of MA2202, which is a requirement for MA majors (only) as their core module. The module covers the introduction of Abstract Algebra and the concept of groups, with covering into stuff like number theory, isomorphism theorems, Sylow theorem(s) and X-groups. The S version carries 1 more MC at the cost of more in-depth topics, harder tutorials, and fewer cohorts.

The lecture is conducted on Zoom. Prof. Tan is clear in explaining lecture contents. It also helps that he gives us lecture notes beforehand so that we can prepare before the lecture. However, sometimes he can go too fast and the fact that the timeslot is in 8AM means focusing in the lectures can be challenging. Webcast is available but attendance is mandatory.

The tutorial, also on zoom, consists of 10-15 problem sets. Everyone got to present 5-6 times over the course of the module, and Prof will comment on correctness/style. The tutorial questions are challenging but doable, so do work on them to understand the content.

The homework consists of 1 problem, and there are ample of time given for these, so gaining marks here is not hard. Moreover, group work is allowed, so consider these options too.

The midterms and finals are both open book, open internet test conducted on zoom. The midterms are conducted on the middle on the semester. There are 3/4 questions and they are around tutorial questions difficulty. Try to practice and review the tutorials, because PYPs are not very effective due to different prof gives different style and even content.

Overall, this module is a enjoyable intro to Algebra, and the content is essential to higher level mods.

Expected Grade : A

Actual Grade : A-

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