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NUS Math Module Review: MA2214 Combinatorics and Graphs I

Grading Component:

– 12 Online Quiz (Best 10)

– 3 HW

– 1 Midterm

– 1 Finals

Workload : 2×2 hr Lecture, 1×1 hr Tutorial

This module serves as the introduction for the Combinatorics branch on Mathematics, concerning on stuff such as Permutations and Combinations, Recurrence Relations, basic Graph Theory, and many else. I take this module to fulfill my MA major requirements, although the cohort consists of some AM students and even CS students for their Science Requirement, as LL said.

The lecture consists of mini-videos and slides from the lecturer, with the actual lecture timeslot serves as the QnA session for clearing the misunderstanding. The tutorial has problem sheets and the session consists of presentation of the problems. Because both of these have no attendance, I skipped all of these, so no comment of the delivery.

There are 12 online quizzes, with each set are open within one day. The questions are not that difficult, and most of people get full marks. Also, only the best 10 quizzes are counted, so there are some leeway. The homeworks have 3 problems each. The problems have more difficulty than the quiz, and it is required to show workings for these.

Both the midterm and the finals consists of a online quiz section, mounted on LumiNUS and a written section, with problem style similar to homework. The midterm is not very tough, while the finals is harder and more tight in timing. Note that the finals take questions from the tutorial, so please review them.

This module is pretty light, especially if you have background from math oly (like LL said). To practice, use the tutorials and the book given by the lecturer.

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