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NUS Math Module Review: MA2219 Introduction to Geometry

Honestly I took this on a whim as a quick break away from the other maths modules I was doing concurrently. Seemed like an interesting paradigm shift from algebraic manipulation to geometric manipulation. Turned out to be pretty manageable for the most part, even during the steep increase in difficulty midway. As mentioned, Dr Wilkin pretty much made everybody practise problems on the spot during lectures, and strongly encouraged questions from the class. Also occasionally brought out his fancy Geogebra interactives, pretty helpful visual aids.

You don’t really have to obtain a new construction set if you don’t have one. As mentioned Dr Wilkin will likely provide a spare. Even then the construction is primarily to help in the visualization; you still ultimately need to provide rigorous worded explanation (what axioms/theorems lead to what kind of implications). Personally during the tests I got away with freehand sketches that weren’t too wonky, but good enough to reflect my explanations. And the helpsheet will be immensely useful in knowing which theorems/axioms and construction methods you have at your disposal.

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