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NUS Math Module Review: MA2311 Techniques in Advanced Calculus

Content :

As the name suggests this features calculus techniques heavily, more specifically things such as different ways of evaluating limits, series tests, double integration and differentiation etc. Expect to get very technical with this module. There isn’t too much theory involved, once you get the general idea it becomes a matter of whether or not you can see the “trick” to the question (ie which technique will get you the answer). Lots of practice would be good.

Lectures :

Pre-recorded lecture videos are uploaded at the start of the week. No actual live lectures. The videos themselves are bite-sized chunks covering little sections of the various overarching chapters. This is good in the sense that the content can be consumed in small concentrated amounts ( the total time spent on each chapter is much less than if they were 90 minute lectures on a weekly basis). The down side is if you are not disciplined you could find yourself neglecting to watch the videos. Prof tan also sounds very monotonous at times and this format means you can’t ask questions on the spot.

Tutorials :

No live tutorials just prerecorded solutions to selected questions. 🙁

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