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NUS Math Module Review: MA3110 Mathematical Analysis II

Lectures: 2 x 1.5h / week

Tutorials: 1 x 1h / week

Difficulty: 9/10

Assessment: Homework (4 sets, 10%), Midterm (30%), Final (60%)

Recommended Textbook: Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin

Webcast: No

This module is very difficult. A/P Vincent takes his tutorials from Rudin’s book, which is notably challenging for the average undergraduate. This was the first module I found myself struggling with mathematics. Yet, it was very worth it, teaching me key techniques that will be used for the rest of my mathematics degree. Bound as many things as you can. Abuse Archimedean Property, Triangle Inequality and epsilon-delta’s. Get the big picture idea then use previously-said techniques to implement these ideas in proofs. Draw stuff to get the big picture. A/P Vincent is hands-down the most skilled lecturer I’ve ever encountered in NUS so far. He is very available to answer queries sent via email, and teaches with incredible passion and mastery of his content. He will entertain random, miscellaneous questions from curious students, as well as timely clarifications on potential confusions on concepts. His tutorials and homework assignments are tough, but needed. I’ve learned more from this module than any other module this semester. It was very tough, but very worth it. Helpsheet provided, thankfully, once again.

Final grade: A+

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