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NUS Math Module Review: MA3110S Mathematical Analysis II (S)

This module is like MA3110, but more “generalised”. For example, MA3110 covers Riemann integrals, but MA3110S covers Riemann Stieltjes integral. Some stuff covered in the lectures also required Linear Algebra 2 S and multivariable calculus knowledge, which is why I tend to get very lost. However, homework and the midterm/exam did not contain RS integral or mvc, as it tries to follow the MA3110 (without S) syllabus.

Taking MA2108S is probably very helpful as this module requires familiarity with some properties of metric spaces.

As with most S modules, the class size is significantly smaller than its non-S counterpart, and the students were encouraged to present solutions during the tutorials instead of the prof going through them himself so that students can learn how to present their solutions more clearly.

This module covers up to some of chapter 8 of Rudin.

Final grade: A+

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