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NUS Math Module Review: MA3209 Mathematical Analysis III

The module covers topics related to metric space, and the final goal is the proof of (general) inverse/implicit function theorem. It is good to have this in mind during the module.

Lecture: Prof. Tang’s lecture notes is largely scanned hand-written scripts, and it could be a little challenging to search through the lecture notes. Hence, it is good if you are familiar with the notes. Unfortunately, I did not find Prof.Tang’s lecture easy to follow, as the pace goes too slow at certain topics and I often lose attention.

Tutorials: Presentation gives marks and some tutorial questions are supplementary materials to proofs in the lecture notes (some proofs in the notes are incomplete). Most of the questions in the tutorial problem sheets are easily doable. If you find certain questions doable but too complicated to do, maybe you should go for the tutorial and learn the simpler ways to solve them.

Exams: Friends told me that Prof Tang’s exams are ‘notorious’ for high difficulty level. What I felt is that the exams are long and hard to finish. The difficulty is okay as long as one is familiar with the materials.

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