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NUS Math Module Review: MA3218 Applied Algebra


10% Tutorial Participation/Performance

30% Midterm

60% Final


I feel that 80% of the course is on abstract algebra like groups, cosets, rings etc and 20% is on cryptography like RSA, cyclic codes. There are 2 routes to MA4261, the MA2101 route and the MA2202 route. So for those non-pure math students who want to take MA4261, the former route is “more efficient” as they aren’t required to clear MA2202 and are required to clear MA2101. Also, MA3218 isn’t heavily dependent on MA2101, so you could still be able to survive with decent knowledge of linear algebra. However, you may require some time to appreciate and understand the concepts taught in class.

I feel that the content covered in MA3218 is a lot. I think MA3218 is a condensed version of MA2202, half of MA3201 and a portion of cryptography. To make things worse, two of the lectures land on public holiday, so Prof Leung teaches extremely quickly.

Prof Leung may not be the best lecturer around, but he tries to give extra examples during his lectures. As there is no webcast, one need to scribble the example down neatly. Otherwise, you will have a hard time figuring the example out the next time. Also, one needs to pay close attention to his lectures so to capture most/all of his verbal arguments.

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