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NUS Math Module Review: MA3252 Linear and Network Optimization

Tutorials and homework assignments maybe helped slightly in terms of practising the algorithms, but still left lots of students lost when it came to proofs or derivations, I feel.

Also wow the midterms were a massacre. Even the median grade was a failing grade (can’t remember how low). I think because out of nowhere quite a number of proving questions popped up that didn’t really resemble anything we’ve seen before? The finals seemed way less intimidating, but still kinda difficult in my opinion.

Frankly I think you might be able to get away with self-learning rather than attending the 7-10pm lecture, despite the lack of webcasts. The content itself is interesting and pretty useful, but the presentation still needs ironing out. Just be wary of the different conventions that other resources may use compared to Prof Pang’s / Prof Zhao’s, e.g. preference for minimisation versus maximisation.

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