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NUS Math Module Review: MA3264 Mathematical Modelling

Prof Brett is probably one of the best math prof in NUS. Despite being non-webcast, he was quite entertaining and make me come to lectures to listen to his interesting stories and add colour to this module. The prof went through: ordinary differential equations, population models (malthus model, Lotka Voltera) , oscillation & resonance, euler equation, classification of systems (sink, centre, nodes), Laplace transform and Partial Differential Equations.

I can say that the workload is relatively light since there only a 30% midterms and 70% finals. Do not be intimidated by the 70% finals! Just study the tutorial qn well and you ll be ok. And I encourage people to take this mod if their calculus is strong to take this mod. As the first part of the course, is just going through a part of MA1102R and abit more as techniques like Fundamental theorem of Calculus, Improper integrals, etc.

Grade: A-

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