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NUS Math Module Review: MA4203 Galois Theory

Assessment breakdown:

20% Weekly Homework (pick any 4 questions to do)

20% Midterm Test (2 Midterm Tests, one in week 6 the other in week 11)

60% Finals

Galois Theory is the study of fields, field extensions and field automorphisms. The highlight of the course is the famed Abel-Ruffini theorem, which says that in general, there is no solution in radicals for polynomials having degree 5 or larger. Another central tool to Galois Theory revolves around groups, or more specifically Galois Groups. The correspondence between intermediate extensions and Galois Groups makes issues less abstract and more tractable.

The main difficulty of the course is the sheer number of terminology. So be prepared to be bombarded by them. Try to revise consistently and have a good mental picture of them.

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