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NUS Math Module Review: MA4211 Functional Analysis

Lecturer: Associate Professor Tang Wai Shing

Assessment: 35% Midterms 20% Homework 45% Finals 5% Tutorial Participation

0. This module is chill compared to the rest of the 4k/5k modules. Prof Tang is super nice. He is very patient and he is willing to answer questions. The lecture summary was very helpful for revision, and psets were generally not too difficult. My only wish was that the lecture notes were LaTeXed.

1. Most of the concepts are developed from MA3209 stuff. Therefore, if your MA3209 is good, take this module. This module is Linear Algebra + Analysis.

2. Midterms were easy, Finals were very hard.

3. To prepare for this module, I highly recommend Sheldon Axler’s “Measure & Integration and Real Analysis”. It is a graduate-level text full of examples and problems relevant to this module. Explanations were also very similar to that of Prof Tang’s.

4. I would say this module was very hard because of the finals.

Difficulty: 8/10

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