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NUS Math Module Review: MA4247 Complex Analysis II

Assessment: 42% homework (8 homeworks with 6 questions each, count best 7 out of 8), 58% finals (closed book, no helpsheet).

Workload: heavy.

Prof Chin used the graduate textbook “Functions of One Complex Variable I” by John B. Conway (2nd edition) heavily in this class. This book is surprisingly readable. I would recommend this to any undergrad who wants an intro to complex analysis.

If you have taken any 3k or 4k module under prof Chin before, this module follows the same format he uses for all other modules: lecture takes FULL 2 hours allocated, tutorial takes FULL 1 hour allocated, and tutorial time is usually used to teach more stuff. Rmb to consider this when you arrange your timetable. There is no tutorial question (because there’s homework almost every week and that is no different from tutorial I guess). Content is quite heavy, so make sure to revise consistently.

Again, similar to any other module prof Chin has taught, he showed his strengths here as well: (very) comprehensive notes, very detailed explanations. You can self-study if you want because his notes is really damn good. I love his lectures, and regret that I could only come to a few of them due to other commitments.

Homework questions are generally hard. I could not finish the ones I started late (around 2 days before submission), but could finish those that I started earlier. So try to start doing as soon as the homework is released. Be patient with the homework problems, and make sure to do most of them yourselves because similar problems will appear in the finals (Prof Chin loves testing from homework btw). Revise consistently is therefore crucial (coz otherwise cannot do the homeworks).

Final exam is manageable. There are 5 qns in total, two were computational, the rest are proof-based. Usually 1 or 1/2 of a question will be ridiculously difficult, do not spend too much time on that one. In prof Chin’s module, if you can solve (correctly) around 4/5 questions, you should get a good grade (this is based on my past experience).

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