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NUS Math Module Review: MA4254 Discrete Optimization

Final grade: A

This module firstly gives an introduction about how some classical integer programming problems are formulated. Then dive into the very important model which is shortest path problem, where the emphasis is on the theoretical parts. After these topics, more abstract contents are presented including P, NP, co-NP, NP-Hard, NPC, etc. In the end there are some computational methods for solving simple integer programming.

Similar to MA3252, Prof Pang does not allow helpsheet for both midterm and final exam, so try to remember what you have learned in both lectures and tutorials. Definitions, models and some proving steps are the main coverage for the exams. The assessment was the traditional 25% midterm + 75% final.

I would say this course is hard as the topics are very abstract and there are quite a lot of contents to remember. Try to make sure you have a solid foundation in linear algebra and logics. Good luck.

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