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NUS Math Module Review: MA4270 Data Modelling and Computation

The module was entirely online. The tutorials were held during the lecture timeslot at 7:30pm over zoom, while the lectures were from the previous year, and we just had to watch the recorded webcasts at our own time.

I really liked Prof Scarlett’s style of teaching, which is to explain via intuition rather than with very rigorous mathematical formulas. Usually, a high-level idea would be illustrated together with the proof, which I feel makes it easier to follow.

Exam questions also do not require very rigorous proofs. A short explanation is sufficient, usually a few sentences longs just to explain the main idea.

The module also feels quite self-contained, where it does not heavily require content from prerequisite/other modules.

The group project was replaced with an individual project (maybe because the module was entirely online). A list of topics was given, and we had to write a report of 6 to 8 pages on that topic in a style similar to the lecture notes. The project was given very early on even before the recess week, so we had plenty of time to finish it.

The final was 2.5 hours instead of the usual 2 hours for most modules.

Final grade: A+

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