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NUS Math Module Review: MA5218 Graduate Algebra II


70% Weekly Homework

30% Finals (Take Home)

Topics Covered:

Representation Theory of Finite Groups, Symmetric Groups and Finite Dimensional Associated Algebras. Homological Algebra

Lecture pace is on the quick side since he skips some of the details. Be sure to brush up on your linear algebra (and maybe some ring theory). That being said, Prof Bao is patient and often pauses the lecture to answer your queries during and even after class. There is a lot of content to go through for 13 weeks but a substantial portion of it boils down to terminology and definitions. Personally, I think that the iteration under Prof Bao is well suited for individuals trying to learn representation theory for the first time.

Assessment wise, the weekly homework are fairly straight forward and most took less than a day to think and write out. As for the take home exam, most of the questions were a repeat of things that were covered in class/previous homeworks. However, there was one question in particular that required some thought and maybe further reading up.

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