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NUS Mech Engineering Review: ME2114 Mechanics of Materials

10% Quiz

20% Lab

70% Final

I suck at mechanics, and I blame myself for not having enough patience on solving mechanic problems. This module is by right a succession from ME2113, and it is quite manageable for most peeps. The first part covers stresses in beam, buckling and strain gauge technique. To be specific, questions for first two topics are quite regimented so that you can just follow the steps accordingly. Strain gauge, on the other hand, is mostly covered in the two lab sessions and hardly seen in past year papers. This is not to say strain gauge is not important, but it is fact that this topic could be easily overlooked by students/profs. There is a short quiz on part I in probably week 9, and it is an online quiz that you can do with friends. Generally, quite easy to score full marks for that quiz.

For part II, it covers Castigliano’s Theorem, generalizes energy method to multiple forces scenarios and introduces finite element analysis. I feel that this part is not very difficult, but it is super important to practice questions. Once you get the concepts, you should have no problem with it. One thing to take note is that finals in Y2S2 tends to be really packed. We had all exams finished in the first week, meaning that there is an examination every two/three days. So management of time for final revision is really important for Y2S2, if not all sems.

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