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NUS Mech Engineering Review: ME2121 Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

This module is a complete introduction of thermodynamics that we observe in our day-to-day life. In this module, you will find answers to questions such as why a deodorant bottle becomes cold after you spray it and many others. The module is divided into 2 parts, taught by 2 different professors as usual. Part 1 professor reads module reviews and NUSWhispers but overall he is a very chill professor and his notes have memes too to make them easier to remember. This part mainly deals with the theoretical foundations of thermodynamics i.e the laws of thermodynamics and flow equations which are used to model real-world energy systems.

Part 2 builds upon them to explain working principles of different engines, power plants and air-conditioning systems. The last few sections deal with psychometry (I hated this part). The calculations in this part are easy but long so any mistake in the initial steps will result in wrong answers and an immediate loss of marks.

Distribution is 70% finals and 30% CA (10% midterm, 10% quiz, 10% lab). This distribution depends on the professor and can change in the future.

Finals: Closed book.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Workload: Medium

Webcast: Yes, for both parts.

Final Grade: A-

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