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NUS Mech Engineering Review: ME2134 Fluid Mechanics I

Fluid Mechanics, the girl of your dreams that you can never get. Very interesting and difficult module. Serves as a perfect introduction for everyone aiming to specialise in Aeronautical engineering. Our cohort had to study the topic of Pumps as well since ME2135 had been declared as a technical elective from our cohort. Assessment is the standard, 2 labs for 10% each but the reports need to be submitted on the spot. So better get your writing game on and finish the reports on time because if you don’t, you kids ain’t getting no extra time to complete that lifesaver of yours because the finals are a bitch. Please practice the papers very thoroughly that will go a long way to help you out in the exam.

Prof Teo is LIT. You will never fall asleep in his lectures because of his fantastic way of teaching. He will ensure that you will remember the concept properly in the exam thanks to his sound effects and the patented, CHIYAAAA.

Prof Lim is also a fantastic prof as well, his lecture notes are fantastic because they cover everything that you will need for the exam.

Be prepared to break your hands in the finals as they are gonna long af and you should mentally be ready to skip a few questions if necessary.

All in all, it was a fun and doable mod but you have to work hard to beat the bell curve.

Marks distribution:

Labs: 20%

Finals: 80%

Difficulty: Hard

Workload: Heavy

Webcast: Yes, for both parts.

Exams: One A4 Cheat Sheet.

Final Grade: A-

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