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NUS Mech Engineering Review: ME2135 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics

ME2135 is a core module for Mechanical Engineering students. I took this module in AY2015/2016 semester 2, under Prof Teo Chiang Juay, and Prof Low Hong Tong. Prof Teo took the first part of the module and I really enjoyed his lectures. His pose and argot makes you want to listen to him. The slides are also easy to follow. Some basic concepts that you are supposed to know is before taking the module is covered in the supplementary slides, in case you have forgotten them. The same cannot be said for Prof Low. Prof Low was quite boring so I stopped going for his lectures after a while.

I like the CAs in this module. This module has two CAs, and I think that they are good because it encourages students to be consistent. The concepts are quite difficult, but they can be understood with effort and consistency.

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