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NUS Mech Engineering Review: ME3122 Heat Transfer

This was an extra elective that I undertook out of interest and also because heat transfer is the bread and butter of a mechanical engineer. Its a necessity. The module comprised of 2 parts. Part I is by Prof Lee Poh Seng and Part II by Prof Md Raisul.

Topics covered:

Part I

Conduction: Easy to understand and apply. Questions are quite straightforward if you understand the concept.

Radiation: Can be theoretically confusing at first but needs some understanding after which it will be easier.

Part II

Convection: This section is complicated because there are a host of different formulas which are all empirically derived so you need to know your stuff very well. Derivation of those formulas is not tested but if you are interested in further studies then its helpful.

Heat Exchangers: Same problem as above, too many formulas everything is empirical. Just practice papers and tutorials you should be okay.

Finals: closed book with a formula handbook so you dont have to memorise all the formulas.

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