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NUS Module Module Review: GEH1030 PC1327 GEK1519 Science of Music

I took this mod in AY2018/2019 Sem 1. Prof Bernard Tan and Ms Lydia Lim conducted the lectures and tutorials respectively. There were 2 separate lectures a week, and one 1.25-hour tutorial per fortnight, if I remember correctly. Content-wise, the module has quite the range of technical information, history, scientific fact and math. As an FASS student, I have to say that I am glad there was an essay component (concert review) and a music composition component. It’s beneficial to have some music background, I can imagine being a little lost without one. Lectures are uploaded on the SOM site itself, and frankly, it is fine to skip them as long as you go through the slides. The content is pretty fascinating although Prof Tan speaks a little slowly and can be dull at times. Both mid-term and final tests were MCQ and held about a week before most tests, giving you more time to focus on them. They do involve a great deal of math, though, so if your math is poor, do not take this module. Overall, despite the hit-or-miss lectures and numerous calculations required, I do not regret using it to clear my GEH especially in my first year :’)

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