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NUS Module Module Review: GET1020 GEM1536 Darwin and Evolution

I wish to stay attending the class because Dr. John is a very good and humorous lecturer. Classes weren’t dry at all since Dr. John always came up with interactive teaching methods or funny jokes. However, a big amount of memorization needed making me already gave up after midterm test because I am not someone who love to memorize. But, I would still suggest this module for those who are good at memorization or just looking for interesting GET modules given they still have S/U quota.

The content of this module started with some early ideas about evolution, then going through Darwin’s life and the Beagle voyage, Wallace’s life, The Origin of Species and its reception, Victorian naturalism, other works of Darwin, Darwin & Religion, Neo-Darwinism, modern opponents of evolution, new theories, human history, and finally principles of evolution (which is the only chapter I could really understand). Dr. John would also give myth-busting and clear all misconceptions about Darwin.

Grading components: (i think both exams’ portions were equal)

Midterm: 50 MCQs testing all chapters up to recess week.

Final exam: 50 MCQs testing all chapters (however I thought it was only testing chapters in the second half of the sem).

I guess both exams’ bell curves were quite steep as the MCQs weren’t that difficult. I was planning to S/U this module since the midterm was over and I was only expecting a pass grade. But, just 15 mins before the final exam was started, I borrowed a piece of some random past paper questions from my friend and turned out around 70% of the questions came up in the final exam (such a miracle!, or maybe the lecturer was very busy to make a new set of questions haha).

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