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NUS Module Review: AH2101 Art History


Mid-Term Slide Test (30%)

Term Paper (30%)

Project Roundtables (20%)

Participation (20%)

I was initially apprehensive about the module as I am worried that I won’t be able to understand the content but after going through the first lecture, it wasn’t that bad. I really love the way Dr Priya teaches as her deliveries were always on point and she don’t beat around the bushes. As this module is meant to be an exposure module, Dr Priya make sure she explain the concepts clearly.

Also, the workload was also quite manageable as Dr Priya split the contents into themes and each assignment only cover one theme. Ms Rie was also very patient in her tutorial class as many of us were quiet initially in tutorials as we don’t really understand the tutorial’s readings but she tried to explain the concept as clear as she could. She also change the way her tutorials were conducted so that we were more comfortable in speaking. Overall, this module would probably be the most challenging but also interesting as we got to visit galleries led by conservators and curators. We were also taught by curators from the National Gallery for some of the lectures.

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