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– Online quiz and Datacamp Assignments 7%

– Tutorial 1-4 8%

– Tutorial 5 onwards 15%

– In-class Assessment 10%

– Practical Assessment 20%

– Final Assessment 40%

This course is divided into two halves. The first half is taught by Prof Sharon Tan and it covers the basics of R you are gonna use on the second half and descriptive analytics. The second half is taught by Dr Desmond Ong and it covers predictive and prescriptive analytics. Dr Ong didn’t really test your R programming skills on this second half but rather your understanding of the predictive and prescriptive analytics methods and results. The In-class Assessment mainly tests your knowledge from the first half and the Final Assessment covers more from the second half but not by much. There was a difficulty from me personally to prepare for the Final Assessment since the materials which will be tested would be quite different than the previous years. The available PYPs only contain the essay part but the assessments have MCQ and essay. The tutorials are very useful so make sure to attend them. There are weekly consultation sessions if you have any questions and those sessions will be taught by UG tutors. Prof Sharon Tan and Dr Ong hold consultations near the Assessments so be sure to attend them if you could.

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