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NUS Module Review: CS1010J Programming Methodology (J)

This module might be quite a learning curve for you if you do not have prior coding experience.

I knew some JavaScript and was able to understand this mod quite well. Coding is basically the same in all languages just with different vocabulary. I didn’t study much for this module other than during reading week. Don’t be Girish

But if you are a beginner I would suggest to learn the syntaxes very deeply from the beginning. It’s okay if you take longer than others, what’s important in coding is you get the fundamentals right. Do practice online, there are some sites which have coding puzzles/exercises which will develop your abstract thinking.

The tutorials were fun. The tutors are mostly graduate/PhD students and might at times assume that you understand how they teach. They might forget that some of us are beginners and it’s important to voice out if you do not understand. They are super nice and super patient.


– Attend tutorial

– ATTEND THE LECTURES!!!!!! It doesn’t matter if you pro or new to coding, the lecturer will drop hints during the lectures and also coding best not learnt at 2x speed =) .

– SUBMIT ALL ASSIGNMENTS IN TIME. I know people who didn’t do well in this mod because they did not complete the weekly/bi-weekly assignments.

– Do note that it is very easy to get F in this mod if you don’t put in effort, I know friends and seniors who had to retake it the next semester. Not cool guys.

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