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NUS Module Review: CS1020 Data Structures and Algorithms I

Continual assessment (60%)

Take-home Labs (5%)

Sit-in Labs (Best 3 out of 4, 6% each)(18%)

Lab participation (2%)

Tutorial Participation (5%)

Practical exam (15%)

Midterms (15%)

Finals (40%)

CS1020 is one of the only mods that track your progress consistently with alternate week Sit-in Labs. These Sit-in Labs really test your programming skills and forces you to keep up with the topics taught. That helps prepare you for the 15% Practical Exam, unlike CS1010 😦

These are the 4 labs in ascending difficulty: 4, 3, 1, 2

Prof Sun Teck has Soap opera in the IVLE forums where he regularly puts up mini questions and practices for students to try. Prof Tan and the TAs will guide us to the right answer and answer any questions we have. It’s quite a good place to clear up any misconceptions. Even if you don’t participate much there, you can always see other student’s posts and learn from their mistakes too.

If you follow these steps, CS1020 should feel quite manageable and enjoyable even thought the labs can take up quite some time.

Bell curve rating: CS people are more likely to dominate in this mod, your finals determines a lot of your grade.

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