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NUS Module Review: CS1231 Discrete Structures

Assessment Breakdown

5% Tutorial Attendance

20% 2x Assignments

25% Mid-Term

50% Final

Straight up, this is not an easy mod. Initially, it started off manageable under Prof Colin with logic, but once Prof Tin Lok took over it gets progressively harder with number theory and graph theory, and even a bit of set theory (one past year paper also had group theory), before ending off easier with basic probability back under Prof Colin. Yuhua was quite helpful by email when I asked for his clarification for certain past year questions, and he also provided material beyond CS1231 (MA1100 equivalent) to practise with. Assignments require rigour when answering – steps that are not justified properly will be marked down. The Mid-Term was easy for the year – median was ~37?/50, I’m pretty sure there were also some full scores. 1 question was A-Level standard of a Mathematical Induction proof. The Final was harder. I didn’t manage to do the final question due to its difficulty, but doing the rest of the paper as best I could allowed me to achieve a decent grade.

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