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NUS Module Review: CS1231R Discrete Structures

Workload : Moderate. Begins easy with logic notation, then gets progressively more difficult as number theory and graph theory are introduced. A brief detour into very basic probability. The idea of this mod is to introduce you to axiomatic thinking and does this by throwing you a bunch of axiomatic systems and how to proof results in each system.

Assignments are 10% each, and the median is about 16ish usually, so do get above this number if you want a good grade. I suspect a lot of people do work together (although technically we’re not supposed to), judging by the high scores here. Our year the midterm (25%) was unfortunately easy, which means careless mistakes are penalised quite heavily. Tutorial attendance is only 5%, but do go as much as possible, it’s quite helpful. The final exam (40%) was a more tricky not because the question were harder but because of time management was tricky since there were alot of computational questions so practice your tutorial question even the computational ones.

Final comments : I underestimated this mod towards the end and didn’t spend enough time on it partly cos I overloaded for my first sem since I was in a special program. Pls spend enough time on this mod.

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