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NUS Module Review: CS2030 Programming Methodology II

Grading Scheme: Weekly lab (10%, 1% each)

Individual project (10%)

2 Practical Exam (15% and 20%)

class participation (5%)

Final (40%)

It took me until the end of the semester to really understand WHY i was learning what is being taught in this module. Honestly I didn’t study this module up until when they started introducing Functional Programming in Java as the first 7-10 weeks of this module is simply OOP concepts in Java. I literally spent 0 time other than time spend completing the labs, which are not super difficult if you have java experience. At least for the first 7 weeks worth of labs.

Only take this module if Prof Henry or Prof Ooi is taking. They are super dedicated and love their students a lot. Project(s) can be heavy and hard if you don’t know how to code in java. You will be forced to learn vim. Especially if you are a freshman and this is your first CS module. Vim was a serious pain in the ass and made me panic during the PE as even after 7 weeks of using vim i still can’t get used to it. Especially during PE when you have to use Vim on SoC servers which can sometimes lag and hang.

Practical Exams are manageable, depending on how good you are under exam pressure. They don’t test algorithmic thinking but more of design. But you are allowed to take home the PE to solve if you can’t solve it in time.

Lectures are really long, module coordinators can consider reducing the length of the lecture. I feel like a lot of the content can be condensed down a lot more and delivered faster.

Finals was unexpected.

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