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NUS Module Review: CS2100 Computer Organisation

As reviewed by others, this module focuses on hardware. Topics covered are largely similar to past iterations of the module, including C programming, MIPS, processors, cache, logic gates, and combinatorial & sequential circuits.

Lectures were recorded for this semester. Uncle Soo is a really great lecturer who always tries to make his lectures engaging for his students, but sadly, he mentioned in his last lecture that he won’t be taking this module anymore 🙁

Labs and tutorials were conducted by a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate students. There were no physical labs for this semester due to oversubscription of the module, and thus the labs for this semester made use of the software named Digital. Since students could leave the zoom calls after completing their demos, most lab sessions lasted for not more than 8 minutes. The tutorials were conducted in a similar manner as most other CS modules.

The workload for the module is somewhat lower than CS2030/S and CS2040/S. Midterm and finals were both closed-book, but cheatsheets were allowed.

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