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NUS Module Review: CS2101 Effective Communication for Computing Professionals

Paired module with CS2103T. It is best if you find group mates before the module starts as a lot of people would pre-arrange the groups with their friends. This module is purely CA, with 2 presentations and a lot of focus on class participation. The tutorial group that I was in was quite competitive and it was always a fight to contribute and get participation marks.

There is a lot of focus on presentation skills in this module, also a large chunk of the final grade will be based on the user guide documentation you have to write for your team’s software in CS2103T, so keep that in mind.

I never really paid attention in class and I am a naturally good speaker and writer so this module was not very tough for me, however it is rather time consuming as there is a lot of preparation to be done for presentation, and expect to see your group mates at least 3-4 times a week for meetings and presentation practice.

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