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NUS Module Review: CS2103 Software Engineering

Module Difficulty/Contents: This module is notorious for the creation of your own java software, together with the difficulty of handling a team. Ensure good delegation of tasks and project management – someone needs to be the visionary and help brainstorm ideas for the project, while another role is to debug and ensure that the application is free from trivial bugs.

In terms of contents taught, not much is very applicable actually. It is generally okay to skip the lecture contents and focus more on what features you need to build for your project.

Workload: Heavy. Every week you have something to code, even if it’s recess week or week 1. Ensure that you adhere to the standards specified in the website and check in with the bot if there’s something you missed – there’s a heavy penalty for this.

For the individual project, it can be thought of as a CS2030 lab assignment every week. Somewhat heavy, but the end goal is there and you have a straightforward path to it. Not too difficult.

Starting from week 5 or 6 you’ll start getting into the team project. Here there’s more to be done, as you’ll need to think of the application’s features and development as well as UI and storage. The workload is dependent on the goal you assign yourself to, as well as the technical complexity of your feature. However, it wasn’t as heavy as I expected, and with great foresight you can finish your feature in recess week with another burst a few weeks after that.

Tutorials generally require minimal effort, as the bulk of it is usually spent discussing with your group on your team project.

Grade Breakdown: This changes every year. Check the module website for more details.

5% Lecture Quiz

10% Individual Project

65% Team Project (was 45%)

20% Final (was 40%)

Skip Lecture?: I don’t recommend it, as lecture time is also another avenue where you can hang out with your teammates and sort out any issues with the project. However, there is nothing to be gleamed from the lectures.

Additional comments: Find reliable teammates, hope that you get someone with good UI skills, and keep up with work so you don’t drown in it during weeks 11 ish when you have to submit your team project!

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