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NUS Module Review: CS2105 Introduction to Computer Networks

This module focuses on the five layers of computer networks, with some side topics, such as computer security and multimedia networking.

Lectures for this semester were pre-recorded, and the profs occasionally held consultations during the lecture slots. Do try to at least review the webcasts if you’re taking the module under Dr. Zhou, as he is likely to set test questions based on content which he only mentioned briefly in his lectures.

Tutorials were conducted by undergraduate students, delivered in a similar manner as most other CS modules. The part on multimedia networking was rather poorly delivered this semester, as it was new content for the module, and most of the TAs were not informed about it and were thus underprepared for it.

This module has negligible workload for most of the semester, except for its 4 assignments (3 programming and 1 written), which are rather tough and would take quite some time to complete. Midterm and finals were both open-book, and as mentioned by others, some of the questions tested were either very specific, or were questions which most people would’ve never expect to come out.

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