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NUS Module Review: CS2106 Introduction to Operating Systems

The lecturer and tutor I had for the module was great, but for some reason I could not truly understand the contents of the module very well.

Tutorials: Couldnt do them most of the questions since I had no idea how to start them even after revisiting the lecture notes. Ended up not doing most tutorials.

Labs: 5 labs at 7% each. Most of them were very hard to do and required you to google extensively for help. The forums were useful for researching how to do lab questions as the lecturer replies to queries quite fast. Thankfully, the lecturer also held help sessions which were recorded to guide students in the right way of doing the labs. My smart friend also helped a lot to debug the C code and guided me through the labs when I was stuck.


Median: 30/45, Mine: 23/45, 25th percentile 25/45

After seeing the results for the midterms, I knew I was in deep trouble and was probably at the 10th percentile for the module. I camped at my email box and was hoping NUS would announce and give some SUs like they did the semester before.


predicted score: 3x/80 (results not released)

Although i studied quite hard for the finals (rewatching lectures and recorded tutorials, doing all past year exam papers provided), i still struggled throughout the paper.

more than 50% of the final questions comprised of MCQs at 2 marks each and I had to guess an answer for many of the questions since ctrl-fING for solutions in the lecture notes and past exam papers did prove to be very useful. Checked my answers when exam answers were released and found that I only got 9/24 of the MCQ questions correct. Did not have high hopes for my final grade after that.

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