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NUS Module Review: CS3103 Computer Networks and Protocols

Difficulty: Average, but depends…

Workload: Above average

I have enjoyed the module very much! I like how Dr. Bhojan teaches the class. He interacts with the class and like to ask random questions to the class. I like it that there is nothing out of the syllabus, he would gladly answer any queries that you have. This is the kind of learning experience where you get to choose how much you want to learn. If you want to learn more, go and learn more. I love it! That is the reason why I put average, but depends!

I enjoyed all the projects and labs as well, they aid in my understanding to all the networking concepts and protocols. There are weekly quizzes and they are all graded. I did not enjoy that very much, but I think it varies from person to person. The project for my year is to implement a bittorrent like protocol, which is not quite simple. The workload for the project is quite heavy, but I am sure it will be tweaked to optimize learning. However, the project is interesting and I have learnt a lot.

I strongly advocate that you take this module!

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