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NUS Module Review: CS3213 Software Systems Design

This is not a pure coding module like CS3217, it focuses more on product. If you just want to code, would recommend CS3217. What you get out of the module, how much workload is it, actually depends on you (and your teammates within the mod). You can read the other reviews to get a better idea, and check out the module website itself.

What stood out to me the most was that this module (and CS3217) are the most similar and applicable to real life. For example, hand-holding is discouraged, you learn to make your own choices, decisions, and justify them. Similar to actual software engineering.

I can’t recommend this module to everyone, it honestly depends on you. You can take it even if you don’t have much coding experience, but the less skills you have, the more time you need to spend to make up for it. However, if you can afford to take it – (have free time and/or have good technical skills and/or can breeze through your other modules anyway and/or don’t care about your grades much), it is one of the more useful modules in NUS. (Of course, your mileage may vary – due to the open-ended nature of the module, it is up to you to make the most out of it. You should set your own goals.)

It is a relatively selective module to get into. While there is higher emphasis on the personal essay as of recent times, for CS students they actually look mainly at your basic Data Structure and Algorithm mod grades, and also internships/projects. Interestingly, this also mimics real life quite well – when you are looking for jobs/internships, your DSA knowledge/skills, past internships (and projects) are crucial. Hence if you want to take this module, investing time to do stuff to meet the selection bar will definitely help you get a better job in future too.

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