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NUS Module Review: CS3235 Computer Security

Basically a continuation of CS2107.

This module was quite chill. There was no finals.

Mark breakdown before covid:

4 Quizes: 60%

3 Assignments: 40%

Luminus Forum: 10% bonus

After covid, it was cut down to 3 quizzes and 2 assignments (the 3rd assignment became optional).

The workload was quite light. Tutorials only happen after every topic, which is about once in three weeks. After every lecture, we were given some reading material to read before the next lecture.

Though the workload is light, the questions asked during the quizzes were quite challenging. You would really have to understand the concepts very well to answer the questions. They were conducted on luminus (because of covid) without any proctoring, and the order of the questions were shuffled to make it harder for students to discuss, as they would be helping their friends at their own expenses. Though the questions were hard, the final mark for each quiz was obtained by dividing your mark with the highest mark, making it possible to score as long as we did well relative to the rest of the class.

The first assignment was a “standard” assignment, where you answer questions and give explanations. The second assignment involves coding and got us to practice some binary exploit, and I am much more comfortable with gdb and assembly after this assignment. The third assignment was about traffic analysis, which I did not do because it was optional.

Because of the bonus 10% from the forum participation, I actually managed to get 100% in total.

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