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NUS Module Review: CS3241 Computer Graphics

This was my favourite module at NUS. Low Kok Lim seems to care a lot about the learning outcome of the students and his lectures are super fun and interesting. My TA also always seemed well prepared and knowledgeable about the topics discussed.

The topics taught are far and wide, covering for example user interaction, matrix transformations, projections, hidden surface removal, illumination, shading, texture mapping, B├ęzier curves and surfaces, rendering techniques and of course raytracing. This means that each topic only has about a two hour lecture, though with a sufficient follow-up questions during tutorial.

Because of the wide array of topics, this means the module serves well as a general introduction to computer graphics.

Tutorials attendance counted for 5%. You aren’t asked out on different stuff doing the tutorial, so if you want you can relax. But I think showing up well prepared and participating will help you tremendously in the midterm/exam.

Assignments (25%): I found these super fun to do! Often, most of the answer is already there in the lecture or tutorial notes. They aren’t as competitive as previous reviews on here describe them, although you will sometimes get marks based on how aesthetically pleasing and creative something you did was. You can see a sample of what the past assignments might look like on my GitHub here:…

Midterm (30%). This was pure MCQ and if you knew where to look in the lecture/tutorial notes, then you in principle could look up the answer to every single question.

Final exam (40%): I don’t think the final was too bad either, although you had to think a bit more for this than the midterm.

Expected grade: A

Actual grade: A

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