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NUS Module Review: EC2104 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis

Tutorial Attendance: 10%
Tutorial Participation: 10%
Mid Terms: 30%
Finals: 50%

Very very math based. Which is why a lot of engin students have preclusion to this mod. Which is great for biz students who love math. If you take h2 math before and enjoyed it, you will excel in this mod.

Tutorial participation just try to present your tutorial answers in class every week if possible, will get full marks.

Mid terms for my sem was hard, must study and make sure you time yourself during practices! Both mid terms and finals are mcq but its those kind need to do quite a bit of workings to get answer one.

Finals need to study also, content is heavier than mid terms. Overall, easy for math lovers.

Expected grade: A+
Actual grade: A+

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